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Best Video Editing Application 2018


Best Video Editing Application 2018Hello Everyone, Today we are going to discuss Best Video Editing Application 2018 for Android. Everyone wants to make videos of their personal life images like Marriage Functions, Parties, and many more occasions but sometimes they don’t have a Laptop or PC.  There are many Android Apps available in Play Store through which you can edit your photos and videos.  Below we are presenting the list of Best Video Editing Application 2018.

Best Video Editing Application 2018

1. KineMaster – Pro Video Editor:

Best Video Editing Application 2018

                           Number 1 in this list of ‘Best Video Editing Application 2018’ is KineMaster Pro Video Editor. It is a full-featured professional video editor for Android, supporting multiple layers of video, images, and text, as well as precise cutting and trimming, multi-track audio, precise volume envelope control, color LUT filters, 3D transitions, and much more. 

2. VivaVideo: Free Video Editor & Photo Movie Maker:

Best Video Editing Application 2018

                          As all of you know that watermark on some Facebook, Whatsapp or Youtube videos are made with VivaVideo.Many People make their videos with the same app to edit them. I am giving the Number 2 Spot on this list of ‘Best Video Editing Application 2018’. 

                         With VivaVideo, you can easily create professional-looking video stories within a few taps. Choose from hundreds of user-friendly special effects that range from stickers and filters to animated clips and subtitles to transform everyday moments into works of art. Share within your network and let the world discover you.

3. VideoShow – Video Editor, Video Maker with Music :

Best Video Editing Application 2018

                             In many countries, VideoShow is ranked No. 1 video editor and video maker app. This app is the choice of 180 million users! and received numerous honors in the app markets with 2,000,000 five star ratings. It was included in Number 3 spot on this list of ‘Best Video Editing Application 2018’. 
                            VideoShow offers excellent video editing features. In this user-friendly app, creating a video with photos, music, and other elements is easy and fun. You can even beautify your videos with texts, FX effects, GIFs, stickers, multi-music, photo filters, transitions, sound effects or live dubbing, and most anything you want in a creative and personalized way.

4. Video Maker Of Photos With Song & Video Editor:

Best Video Editing Application 2018

                                   An Application that brings all the essential features like: Image slideshow with effects and music, edit video with music, MP4 to MP3 music converter, video editor cut and trim. Download this video maker of photos with song FREE application to create your own unique and eye-catching video. You can instantly transform an everyday moment into a creative video with awesome visual effects and have fun with our application of photo video maker slideshow with music. It was included in Number 4 spot on this list of ‘Best Video Editing Application 2018’. 

                                  Number 5 in the list ofBest Video Editing Application 2018′ is LIKE – Magic Special Effect Video Editor.With LIKE, you can easily make magic music videos to share with friends. Add music and mixed magic effects to your LIKE videos. Submit it in LIKE to get featured and be seen by the LIKE community. Make magic music videos now for your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Musically, etc. with LIKE. It’s the best app with music & magic effects of all genres, including lip sync.

      I hope you all enjoyed our article on “Best Video Editing Application 2018“. If you have any questions then feel free to ask us below comment box.

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